Mother’s Day Shopping Spree

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See why these moms were nominated to win The Bowling Green Blind Company Mother’s Day Shopping Spree 

“My mom truly is the most selfless person I have ever met. As long as I can remember she has sacrificed her wants and needs to make sure that my brother and I had what we wanted and needed. I could list a million things, but she deserves the world, the sun, the moon, and all the stars. As a broke college kid, this would be a wonderful way for her to get something nice for mother’s day!”
-Abigail from Bowling Green

“My mom has been through so much the last few years. From the sudden passing of my father in August 2017 to be diagnosed with lung cancer 7 short months later. She raised 5 children and she has always put us kids and our needs well before her own. She is the most caring, loving person that I know. To say she is an amazing woman would be a huge understatement! I can only hope to be half the mom she has been to my five brothers and I. She means the world to us kids and to anyone who is lucky enough to know her. We would be grateful beyond words if she was chosen to receive this Mother’s Day Prize! Thank You for considering her”
-Kimberly from Bowling Green

“My mom is the best mom because the only thing she ever wanted for me and my siblings was for us to be close to each other and for us to be happy. She always makes sure we all get together several times a year. She fostered a bond in us that can’t be broken. We lost our sister last year and it was the hardest thing any of us had ever gone through. Our mom was amazing. She took care of our sister like she has so many others through the years. She is a hospice nurse now but worked many years in nursing homes. She taught us to respect our elders and we all have a soft spot for the elderly now because of Mom. She always took a special interest in those that didn’t have family that visited them going as far as inviting them to holiday dinners or dropping by even now to check up on them or take them a gift. I’m not sure how she was able to be so strong and do everything my sister needed but she was. For her and us as our hearts were breaking. She is an amazing person. I’m certain she has earned a spot in heaven when her time comes. She always puts others ahead of herself. It would be nice for her to receive such an amazing gift. She deserves it more than anyone I know.”
-Andrea from Bowling Green

“I am submitting my daughter Rosie guess because she is an awesome single mother of 2 amazing children a 8 year old girl and a three-year-old boy. She does everything for these kids with out any help at all. She is up with them from 6 a.m. in the morning until they go to bed at 9 at night. She cooks and cleans and plays outside with them. Helps them do their homework and learning them how to read. She also takes them everywhere like to the park and to the waterpark to swim, she’s always spend her weekends with them also. She never gets a break away to herself she’s always with her children 24/7. She a mother who never asks anyone to keep her kids. And I think she deserves a day to herself. Because she’s the best mom ever to her kids . She’s a mother who will help out anyone out here in the world she has a good heart and she’s wonderful to every kid out here. All the girls scout little girls loves her to she’s an wonderful girl scout leader also she is like a mother to these girls too they look up too her. This is why I think my daughter should win thanks for taking your time and read my story.”
-Lisa from Warren County

“For starters my mom never gave up on me. I made some pretty big mistakes. But my mom was right by my side. My mom is truly my biggest fan! She taught me tough love. I definitely wouldn’t be the woman I am today if she didn’t show me some tough love. I’ve heard it’s in a mom from the start to protect a child. Because of that natural instinct every mom sees their child as perfect, they can do no wrong. My mom saw that I was NOT perfect and I can make mistakes. So what did we do with my mistakes? We took them and learned from them. Everyone has a past, you can live in the past always afraid of what people are saying. OR you can get out there and make a life and a name for yourself! THAT is what I DID! Because of her I know who I am and what I’m made of. I know how to be strong and independent. I also have this huge heart and that’s how I know I am my mothers daughter. She would give the shirt off her back to a complete stranger if it meant they had something they needed. My mom is just amazing really, she’s living her best life for her and showing me some cool things along the way. I love my mom couldn’t have asked for a better one. I LOVE YOU MOM!”
-Ashley from Glasgow

“My mom has helped me get many scholarships and pay for my upcoming college fund. She works so hard to help me as much as she can, and I feel that she deserves this amazing s”hopping spree because I currently cannot give her everything she deserves!!”
-Arreus from Logan County

“My mother should win because she is a devoted lady of faith. She puts her family and friend before herself. She took care of my dad while having terminal cancer. She also continues to take care of my sister who has been paralyzed for the last 15 years. If the world had more people like her it would be a better place. she deserves more than you will ever know!”
-David from Smiths Grove

“My mom use to tell me that the best gift for me to give her on Mother’s day is something that I made with my own two hand. I believe my mom deserves something a little better then just a homemade gift. My mother does anything and everything to help me. She has been there for me when I have needed her the most. In 2014 I was in a very bad car accident. I was in a hospital for 15 days and in a rehab center for a week and she never left my side. I was unable to walk for 3 months and she did everything to make me feel better. Not only did she take care of me when I was no longer able to take care of myself but she was also working a full time job. She would care for me before she went to work and when she came home she would stay up until 3 in the morning giving me pills to stop the pain and doing everything she could to make it easier on me. I no longer need the help that I use to have to have but she still helps me with anything I need. My mom is not just my mother, she is my best friend. I want to do everything with her. My mom is 62 years old and still works a full time job as a cook and is a full time mom. I would do anything for my mom and I do my best to be the best daughter I can possibly be. My car accident made me disabled but in my mother’s eyes I am still the same kid that was running around when I was little. She still takes care of me even though I am married. My mother once told me a story about a young man who looked like a trouble maker, she treated that young man like her own son. This young man had no family. My mother was going to adopt him so that he had a family. He joined the military and was unfortunately killed in action. My mom was about to give birth to me when she found out that this young man was not going to make it home, it broke her heart. She was not able to adopt this young man before he passed away but in her eyes he will always be her son. Not only does my mom take care of her own family but she does what she can to help anybody that needs it. I believe my mother deserves this shopping spree because she has always made sure that her family had everything, even if that meant she went with out.”
-Brittany from Edmonson County

“My mom is a very hard worker. She raised three of us boys that are now Marines. She took good care of us and she works in a doctors off taking good care of patients. She always has a smile on her face, no matter what. Thanks”
-Jared from Butler County

“She is always spending money on everyone but herself! She needs a day for her.”
-Elizabeth from Hart County

“She is a god fearing, wonderful mother that loves her kids with everything in her. She gives 100% to her family, kids and grandkids. She never takes time for herself and she deserves to be pampered and gifted with love. She would never do this for herself so she deserves to win to take some time for herself.”
-Bobby from Auburn, KY

“My mom should win because is an amazing single parent. She has went through a lot in her life she has been trated horribly by her mother and her grandmother,and takes care of her 4 children and will not them get to her anymore. She tells us everyday to always be proud of who you are, and even though she doesn’t make that much money she still tries to get is everything we want and now we need to return the the favor to an amazing my, you could even call her our superhero no one can compare with her she is more precious then rubies. She deserves this more than any thing. She needs this.”
-Bridgett from Bowling Green

“She is an amazing and outstanding woman. She raised me since I was two days old. She took me in when no one asked her to, she adopted me. And she has been nothing short of my biggest blessing and fan in this life I’m lucky enough to get to experience with her.”
-Callie from Bee Spring

“Anytime anyone in the family, or even friends, need my mom for anything, she is always there and gives whatever is needed that she has. Usually it is her time and company.”
-Connie from Smiths Grove

“My mother could really use the shopping spree as she was laid off of her job about 6 months ago and has applied all over bg for no one to call her back. She finally was offered a job as a hostess at wild eggs. Today is her first day. I am very proud of the work she has put in to finding a job and I am reminding her this is only temporary but as a 51 year old woman making only 8.50 an hour it’s really making money tight. My sisters and I are helping in every way we can but this shopping spree would not only give her the much needed break she needs but also give her a boost of confidence she would need in future interviews.”
-Danielle from Auburn

“My mom is a strong, beautiful & hard working woman. She has always been the backbone of our family, holding us all together.
When my son passed away she packed up her things and moved to help me get through the hardest part of my life without me even asking.
When I was flat on my back for 5 days from a LP that went wrong she fed me like I was a baby. She is going through a tough time now and this would make life a little better. She is AWESOME!!!!!”
-Debbie from Bowling Green

“My mom should win the Mother’s Day shopping Spree because she is the most giving person I have ever met. My dad died in 2003 leaving her to raise 3 kids that at the time were 5, 6, and 7. She is an MSD (moderate to severe disabilities) teacher and gives her students everything she has. She has not spent anything on herself in many years. I think she deserves to treat herself. I would if I could but I am still in college. Thank you for your consideration.”
-Delayney from Bowling Green

“My mom has a heart of gold. My mom was a teen mom and she raised me as a single mom my whole life. She recently got out a bad relationship and lost everything. She is having to start completely over from scratch. She deserves something nice for mother’s day but I can’t afford to give her everything she truly deserves! My mom is a very caring, understanding, God fearing woman. If she won I think the look on her face alone would be enough to light up the whole room. She is truly an amazing woman!”
-Destiny from Glasgow

“My mother should be chosen because despite being falsly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, just 3 years after having myself ,and being correctly diagnosed with Progessive-Relapsing Multiple Sclorosis, she always made sure that my sister and I were well taken care of and had everything we needed everyday. She is the strongest woman I have ever met.”
-Emily from Bowling Green

“She is one of the most selfless people in the world and always puts everyone else before herself and I’d love to give her something she truly deserves”
-Victoria from Franklin

“My “mom” is my grandmother. Why should she win? Because she is what a mom should be. My grandmother raised me, everyone thinks she is my mom. I am more than ok with everyone thinking that. I am grateful honestly. My grandmother taught me to be kind, treat everyone with respect. You never know what someone is dealing with. She taught me to work hard for what you want. Nothing great in life comes free or easy. The best things in life are supposed to be a challenge. If you want something bad enough you will get there. My grandma is a very strong woman. She only has the use of one arm from a stroke a while back, but does that stop her? No it sure doesn’t she can do things I struggle to do with two hands, like peel a banana, lock a door, open a can, and even write! When I think of a mom I see my grandma. When I think of all my memories with my mom, that “mom” is grandma! To some this probably doesn’t count. BUT TO ME IT MEANS EVERYTHING and it MOST DEFINITELY COUNTS. Without my grandma who knows where I would be or what kind of person I would be. She didn’t have to raise me and teach me but she did. For her I am forever grateful. I love my grandma and she deserves to win as much as any other mom out there!”
-Heather from Glasgow

“I think I might have the most caring mother in the world. She takes her role as a parent and role model seriously. Any child that comes in contact with her can feel her maternal presence. She has been a mentor and parent to hundreds of children in Bowling Green and Warren County. She never takes no for an answer and will always advocate for children .”
-Heavn from Bowling Green

“My mom beth is the strongest woman i have ever met. In 2005 she lost my brother Andrew in a car accident and she powered through and kept going. This last December she lost my brother Josh who committed suicide, i watched her again power through and be the strongest lady i have ever seen. I’m the only kid she has left and i am truley blessed to have such a wonderful mom. She also does charity work for march of dimes and works in the nicu. She is also a wonderful grandma to my daughter. I think she desurves so much more than what i can give her. Please and thank you for reading this her name is Beth Guess”
-Jeana from Brownsville

“M- is for the million things she did for me.
O- means only shes growing older
T- is for the tears she shed for me.
H- is for her heart of pure gold.
E- is for her eyes with love light shining.
R- means right and right she will always be.
(Put that all together)
-Kim from Bowling Green

“My mother has always put others first. My father died at 36 years old in a construction accident and mom continued to raise my brother as a single parent. After several years she met a man and became engaged. They were to be married in June, however, in February of that year he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage that left him in a nursing home for 17 years. She went every day after work to check on him and feed him dinner. Mom was a woman of faith through out those tragedies. She continues to be active with her church serving as one of the leaders for the senior citizens and helps in serving meals for people in need at another church. She is so giving not only to her family, but others. It would be nice to provide her with something special this Mother’s Day as she will be turning 80 this year.”
-Janice from Bowling Green

“My mom is so awesome that she should win the mother’s day shopping spree because she works really hard and she is super fun. Love, Bryant and Jase Eadens”
-Katrina from Smiths Grove

“My mom constantly caters to everyone else, its her turn. She is amazing and i strive to be just like her. She has a heart of gold and would give her last penny to whoever needed it more. She deserves the world if i could give it to her.”
-Kari from Allen County

“My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. She went through the radiation and all of the horrors that come along with cancer, only to be diagnosed for a second time. She is now cancer free but is still living uncomfortably in her body. I would love to win this for her so that I could try to make her feel beautiful again. She is the best mother in the world and does anything and everything for anybody. She did not deserve to go through what she went through, but life happens and I think a shopping spree would make her feel beautiful again!”
-Kelsey from Bowling Green

“My mom Kasey Allen Hendrick should win the Mother’s Day Shopping Spree because she is a great example and works really hard on the farm and off the farm. She is a great mom and I could not wish for a better mom.
Love, Hallee Joe Hendrick”
-Hallee from Bowling Green

“My mom is the type of person that ALWAYS takes care of everyone else before taking care of herself. She is a very hard working individual that supports our family as well as putting me through college, which is something I will never be able to repay her for. I am beyond blessed to have a mom like her. I truly hope to one day be half of the woman she is! Being able to surprise her with this gift would mean so much to her!”
-Kaylyn from Bowling Green

“My mom deserves a Mother’s Day shopping spree because she really deserves it. She is so strong and such a great role model. She is caring and would do anything for me, my husband or my son. Mom has had a hard past few years and really needs something like this to brighten her spirits. My mom is my world and I’m so lucky to have her as my mom, I love her so much!!!”
-Kaitlyn from Allen County

“For as long as I can remember my mom has always put herself last. She has always gone above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of and would drop anything to help me with any requests. She deserves the world and then some.”
-Laketta from Lexington

Lauren from Bowling Green
“She’s not only my mom but my hero. When my dad passed away she took on 2 part-time jobs on top of her full-time job. She also takes care of my grandma. She has gave up so much and done without so that me, my brother and grandma are taken care of. She ALWAYS think of others first. I truly feel she deserves this. She needs to be pamper for a change!”

“She is amazing she overcome alot in her life she beautiful and she my mother she gave birth to me I wouldn’t be here because of her she is my rock she hugs me when I need it she alot more she loves everyone she has been the best mom in the world she is my mom”
-Lisa from Glasgow

“My mom is my hero and my rock. I wouldn’t be anything without her. She helps me and my wife out when we need it. She is some one I can call and talk to about different stuff in my life.”
-Jordan from Bowling Green

“My mother couldn’t have children of her own so my Father and her adopted my brother and I and it was the best thing that could have happened in my life. She is always caring for other people before herself. She was a teacher over 30 years impacting children’s future, raised 2 children of her own never missing a sporting event, concert or recital, now is very much involved with her 3 grandchildren and never misses a beat with them, took care of her parents in their old age which the help of her sister and I have never heard her complain once. She is the most selfless, caring, kind hearted woman I know who would make sure everyone else was taken care of before herself. She deserves to know that she is more than enough, an amazing wife, mother and grandma.”
-Laura from Bowling Green

“My mom sandy is my hero. She lost her first born daughter during birth, my older brother Chris was in a horrible motorcycle wreck and she quit her job to take care of him full time. She would give her last dollar to help anyone. She’s had so many losses and she could really use a win.”
-Dustin from Bowling Green

“My wife is a wonderful mother to our 3 kids. She is 30 years old, and has been through so much in her life. Shes battled adversity, pain,heartache and came out on top. Through it all she has remained a good, supportive and loving mother. She has hit rock bottom, and fought her way back to the top for the sake of her family. She is now a Program Director at a local non profit, and pursuing a degree to become a counselor. Her name is Lindsey, and she is one of a kind. She is a true role model for me and our kids. I can’t think of anyone else who deserves this shopping spree more, being that she always puts everyone before herself!
Thank you,
Mark scott”
-Mark from Bowling Green

“My Mom passed away in 2006. So I would like to put my daughter in Diana Lindsey. She has a liver disease. She has had it for about 4 years. She is very brave. She never complains, and she works everyday at her daycare taking care of people’s babies so they can work. She has raised two step daughters and her son graduates this year from high school. She is my Hero”
-Marsha from Edmonson County

“My mom is the Greatest, she has worked her butt off for me and my two brothers since we were babies, as well as my dad. Now she helps me take care of my little girl and she is an awesome grandma. She should win this so she can take a rest and relax and have some fun!”
-Alisha from Cave City

“On this gloomy Sunday morning, I’m writing this with tears of excitement & fear. At this moment my mom Tamara Terry is moving her son, my brother, to Nashville. Moving him to face this chapter of his life at the Vanderbilt Cancer Center. November of 2015 Brad was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma. He throughout the last four years has been told he doesn’t have much longer. He has been through heartbreaking news from one doctor after another. One thing that the doctors didn’t know though, Brad has a Praying mom! A mom who has Not given up hope that what the doctors were telling her son, that it was over, that only God determines when it is finished! Throughout this time Mom continued loving and caring for her family. Of course taking Brad to and from Chemo to staying with him through long hospital stays. Brads daughter also has been a huge focus for her. Emma who is now 12 has had many struggles of accepting this diagnosis. As would any child who loves their father. Mom has loved her & been to many soccer practices & games & to school activities. Just keeping things as close to normal as possible for Emma. Still every weekend getting her youngest grandson and keeping him with her to show him the love only a grandparent can. Not to miss her other two grandsons activities from Barren Co baseball games to Glasgow band competitions just to show how much she loves them. All while her heart was breaking watching her son battle that horrible word. Cancer. The excitement part is now. Brad is in remission. With that he is ready for a stem cell transplant. I (his sister) am a 100% match for Brad. It’s the beginning of a long battle once again for him. With chemo to basically destroy everything in him, however for the transplant to give him what he needs. But the one thing will be consistent and never changing is our mother will be right there. Loving and praying and giving every moment of her life to doing what she was put here to do, love her family as only God would want her to. Thank you for this opportunity to put into words oh how Amazing my mom Tamara Terry truly is.”
-Brandie from Cave City

“She’s always there for through the best and the worst. At 18 years old, I’m still very close to my mom. She has some medical problems and I’m kinda spoiled but we make it work and she always comes through for me.”
-Nicole from Bowling Green

“My mom is the most loving person in the world and would do anything for her kids. She currently is 72 and has had custody of her 4 year old grandchild for over a year. That’s the type of person she is to do whatever it takes to make people happy. She’s the absolute best mom anybody could ask for and I thank God that she’s mine.”
-Dawn from Bowling Green

“My mother has taken care of everyone around her all her life. She had an abusive environment growing up. She took care of her siblings till they all past away and still cares for her parents. She is my best friend and the greatest women I know.”
-Rachel from Bowling Green

“My mom is my hero and my rock. I wouldn’t be anything with out her. She helps me and my wife out when we need it. She is someone I can call and talk to about different stuff in my life. Everyone in my life said when I was growing up I am going to be like my mom bc she has a very kind heart and she would give the jacket off her back to help someone in need. She doesn’t sweat the some stuff in life. She really cares about her family and her grandkids. I love her so much she means the world to me. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have a mom like her. My mom had all boys growing up. She works every day to support her family in different sporting events that went on throughout the year. Everyone loves her. She was always the best sports mom out there supporting her boys. I love my mom. My mom Bonnie Chaffin is the best mom ever.”
-Jordan from Bowling Green

“My mom deserves to win because she selflessly helps me care for my 4 children on a daily basis. I wouldn’t be able to work without her because I am a single parent. I don’t know what I would do without her.”
-Rebecca from Alvaton

“My mom deserves the mother day shopping spree because she has had a rough few years. She was diagnosed with epilepsy about 3-4 years ago and still is struggling with it today because they don’t know what it causing it. She is so strong and will do anything for my sister and I. She has been through a lot and has had a lot of life changes these past few years. But she hasn’t let it stop her from doing what she loves.”
-Samantha from Bowling Green

“In November 2018, I was transferred to Norton’s Hospital in Louisville, KY because I had severe preeclampsia during my pregnancy. My mom cried with me from the moment they left with me in the ambulance to the moment I had my beautiful baby boy. She has been my rock, my supporter, my go-to for all my life.. but for that important and scary moment she NEVER left my side, held my hand, and did everything she could. She deserves more than I can ever give her. This would be my way of showing her how much she was and is appreciated!!”
-Haley from Glasgow

“Because my mom’s gives and gives and gives and asks for nothing in return. Tamica Lynn Durbin is the best mother anyone can ask for. I was dignonsed with Ewing sarcoma a few years back and she was at every chemo and raditation. She never let me down. She worked 3 jobs during all this and had 2 more kids to take care of. She cleans on her hands and knees to provide for her family and all her kids are over 18 and she makes sure they don’t need anything before she thinks of herself. My mom is my role model and hero. She has overcome so much and been through so much. But no matter what she always made sure her family was taking care of. She know works 3 jobs plus goes to college and makes straight As. She has inspired many recovering alcoholics and sponsors many to this day. She has 12 years clean and sober if I’m not mistaken! My mother is independent and does for everyone . I feel like someone should do some too hing nice for her for once ! Please wuhu107 hook my mom up with a shopping spree! God knows she’s earned it.”
-Shad from Bowling Green

“My mom, Patty Hudson, is the best ever. She is always there when her kids need her and always willing to help with her grandkids. She is always giving her time to help others and she needs this for her. She is so deserving of this. Everyone loves her so much. She deserves to be pampered and gifted as she is the best mom and best friend a daughter could ask for.”
-Shelly from Auburn

“My mom raised 7 kids and she never once treated herself to any luxuries in life. Now that we are all grown she still is always thinking about everyone but herself. I’m a single mom and I work nights and my mom keeps my daughter and wants nothing in return. My washer broke last week and my mom went and purchased me one even though she couldn’t really afford it. I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have my mom for all her support she gives”
-Kimberly from Morgantown

“My mom is my hero and my rock. I wouldn’t be anything without her. She helps me and my wife out when we need it. She is someone I can call and talk to about different stuff in my life. Everyone in my life said when I was growing up I am going to be like my mom bc she has a very kind heart and she would give the jacket off her back to help someone in need. She doesn’t sweat the some stuff in life. She really cares about her family and her grandkids. I love her so much she means the world to me. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have a mom like her. My mom had all boys growing up. She works every day to support her family in different sporting events that went on throughout the year. Everyone loves her. She was always the best sports mom out there supporting her boys. I love my mom. My mom Bonnie Chaffin is the best mom ever.”
-Cody from Bowling Green

“Because she a loving person and she deserves the best and she the best mom in the world and she beautiful in and out and I wouldn’t know what to do without her and I love her with all my heart and she would anything to help anyone. Thanks and she would be so happy if she won.”
-Scott from Bowling Green

“My Mom is the most selfless person I know. I have watched her do without to make sure others had things. She also does a lot of random acts of kindness that no one knows about. I hear from others about what my Mom has done for them. She cleans houses on a daily basis and could use some pampering for herself. She truly deserves it.”
-Tammy from Bowling Green

“My mom died in 2001, but my mother-in-law is one of a kind. She has taken me under her wing like her own. I would not know what to do without her.”
-Tara from Alvaton

“My mom is the strongest woman I know. She is always doing for others. She has done more for me and my family than we can ever do for her. She deserves this! Love ya mom.”
-Naomi from Franklin

“My mom should win the Mother’s Day shopping spree bc she is more than just a typical mom. She worked very hard to make sure my brother and I both had everything we needed growing up, even if that meant she did without. She did more that just the motherly cooking and cleaning. She held our heads up when we failed and supported us when our decisions were not always the smartest. She has taught me respect, hope, faith, love and courage. I can only hope to be half the mother she is to my own children. (Who are cheering me on as I write this because they think she should win too!”
-Tamara from Bowling Green

“My parents are divorced and I only live with my mom. I feel like I need to do something special for her this Mother’s Day. My mom does everything for me and siblings. She even took in my cousin. She loves me so much and I want her to know that!”
-Jenna from Bowling Green

“My mom Darlene Wells adopted me when I was 2 years old. I was blessed enough to be going into a really good family. I came from a bad home and was put into her family. she has put up with me all these years lol and has never once given up on me. To give her this gift would mean the world to me and her. I dont have money to buy her anything this mother day, when she deserves everything good. Anytime i went through hard times, she was always there by my side and now I feel as if it’s my turn to give her that back. I love my mom and I think she really deserves this and she deserves a night just to show a piece of my appreciation for her. so I really hope you’ll choose her! She’s a great mom and she deserves the world! she has three sons. (One with down syndrome.) She has helped him live a life of his own. He helped him get a house. And raised us all up in church.and she has never let any of us down. she’s always been by our side!!! I’m so very blessed. shes my best friend. and my mother. I love you mom. I really hope you choose her. She definitely has earned it. Thank you.”
-Danielle from Glasgow

“My Mom has always been there for us & took care of us when we were sick.She doesn’t even want to buy herself anything since my Dad passed away 1 year ago.She deserves more than u could ever give her. Love you Mom”
-Debbie from Bowling Green

Thank you all for nominating these special moms to win our Mother’s Day Shopping Spree Contest!

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