Brooke Summers

All About Brooke

brooke-22Wow, What do I say? I wanna seem interesting. :) So much in a small amount of time.

I was born in the traditional blizzards of Buffalo, NY (Gotta love that snow). I attended high school at Williamsville North or Willie N as we call it back home. After high school I attended the SUNY Buffalo for a few years until I got the urge to join the ARMY (Air Assault!!!). I did 3 years active duty stationed at Fort Campbell (Again I say, Air Assualt and a big HOOAH to my army buddies), which is what brought me to the South.

I now have two beautiful (and very expressive) little girls – Bella who is 14 and Bree who is 12. They are in the 9th and 7th grade, respectively. After Army life, I decided to go back to school and studied Education at APSU, then decided I that I had a big mouth and liked to talk a lot, so why not put it to work for me and changed my major to Communications. As they say… the rest is history… in the making!!!